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Pax Christi, the Peace of Christ, strives to create a world that reflects this peace by witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence. Although the majority of members are Roman Catholic, Pax Christi is open to all people who want to work for peace in the spirit of the nonviolent Jesus.

Pax Christi Memphis meets the second Tuesday of every month at the
University of Memphis Catholic Center, 3625 Mynders Avenue, at 6:45 pm.

For more information, or if you need a ride to our meeting, call Janice Vanderhaar at 362-9364, Terry Hash 849-0983

Building peace, economic & interracial justice through a spirituality of nonviolence


A Wonderful Evening with John Dear at First Congo, April 8th
Monica Juma was responsible for bringing the speaker to Memphis and organizing the event. She introduced John
to an eager crowd.
John Dear brought his
message of peace to the
attentive audience and
praised those in attendance
for the work they do.
Two modern day prophets
of peace: John Dear &
Pete Gathje. John signed
copies of his newest book,
"The Nonviolent Life"

Pax Christi Memphis
News and Notes
Number 2, 2014

Saturday, January 18.  9AM-3PM.
University of Memphis Catholic Center Mynders Ave.

    This exercise considered four phases of the history of Pax Christi Memphis:

    • Past 1974 - 1982
    • Past 1982 - 2001
    • Present 2001-2014
    • Future …. 

    Reactions to the event were brought out in our discussion by those assembled on February 11.

    Notes from discussions of February 11, 2014
    Campaign Nonviolence

    Monica Juma is the Tennessee coordinator for this effort and spoke of the possibility of small groups for the study of nonviolence. Pax Christi members are invited to participate in the campaign.

    Coordinator for May 4 student dinner: Anyone who is willing to volunteer to oversee the food arrangements for this potluck sponsored by Pax Christi Memphis is asked to contact Terry Hash ( 

    John Dear book tour, April 8:

    Plans for activities with John Dear during his visit to Memphis are progressing and some are being finalized. Publicity will provide the details in the near future.

    Deacon Henry Littleton

    has been nominated to join the Board of the MidSouth Peace and Justice Center as representing Pax Christi.

    Discussion of the Day of Discernment:

    As Pax Christi Memphis moves into the future we are now entering a "year of discernment." 

    We have the impression that the 40-year history of the movement in Memphis has been very active. The rendition of our history on the Day of Discernment was enlightening for many of us. For example, action to stop the White Train stands out in peoples' minds. 

    We can see ourselves as being gathered to be sent. Part of our strength is our commitment over time, as well as our collaboration with others such as Women In Black, the MidSouth Peace and Justice Center, Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, war protests in public places and visits to the Oak Ridge nuclear protests.

    We are really part of a movement as much as m embers of an organization. Our coming together can be seen as "gathering" as opposed to "having meetings." In our number, there are different relationships and ways of participation within the movement, locally and on the national level. 

    Story telling is an important part of our message, a way of engaging others in dialogue and participation.

    Attendance at recent public events

    • The Narrow Path: Walking Toward Peace and Nonviolence with John Dear; the January 10 showing of this film was viewed by about 50 persons, including several from Pax Christi Memphis. 
    • Mid-South Farm to Table Conference at CBU on February 4 was attended by Janice Vanderhaar and Ed Wallin and Jerry and Judy Bettice.

    Upcoming Events

    March 27- Vanderhaar Symposium 

    April 8- John Dear visit (this will be our monthly gathering for April.)

    May 4- Pot Luck dinner at the Catholic Center

    Spiritual Nourishment for Peacemakers

    • The Nonviolent Life by John Dear
    • The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) - The Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis - Pray with John and Francis! Form or join a study group! Put what you learn into ACTION!

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    Pax Christi: A Vow of Nonviolence

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