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Pax Christi, the Peace of Christ, strives to create a world that reflects this peace by witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence. Although the majority of members are Roman Catholic, Pax Christi is open to all people who want to work for peace in the spirit of the nonviolent Jesus.

Pax Christi Memphis meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Quaker Meetinghouse located at 3387 Walnut Grove, Memphis, TN 38111. Additional parking is available on Prescott, or in the Kroger Parking lot across the street.

For more information, or if you need a ride to our meeting, call Janice Vanderhaar at 362-9364, or Terry Hash 849-0983

Building peace, economic & interracial justice through a spirituality of nonviolence

Teaching self control early provides alternatives to violent behavior

Jamie Goldring has a recipe for self control and she is more than willing to share it. In fact, she has made it her life’s work to teach students of all ages that they are responsible for their own behavior, and to provide tools that allow them to respond to their emotions in a positive way.
At next Tuesday’s Pax Christi gathering, Jamie, a teacher who has worked with children for more than 30 years, will describe the methods she uses in her workshops to stem the violent behavior so prevalent in our schools and throughout society. The activities and techniques she employs are designed to encourage the development of a lifestyle that inspires kindness, empathy and mindfulness through the development of self control.

Jamie earned her B.A. in Sociology from California State University and her M.A. in Speech Pathology from the University of Memphis. She is the author of Discover ME, Teaching Children Self-Control, and Tools and Techniques For Teaching Children Self-Control. These resource books, for teachers and parents, are designed to teach children the skills and strategies they need to control their impulses. She is also the author of I Believe, a children’s storybook and CD and three posters: Peace, Believe, and Self-Control.

Local media has reported that 11 children under age 17 have already been killed in Memphis this year, part of a total of 69 total homicides. The ability to resolve conflict peacefully would no doubt make a significant difference in the number of murders, assaults and other violent acts. Teaching these skills early, and throughout middle and high school years would yield significant positive results in any community.

But Jamie is also quick to point out that learning skills related to self control leads to higher academic achievement as well. In her presentation, she teaches that self control comes from the same frontal lobe area of our brain that

gives us the ability to focus attention, plan, organize, solve problems and think abstractly.
“Teaching children self-control is the first step to improving the emotional landscape in our homes, schools, and communities,” Jamie says. “As parents and teachers, we have a responsibility to our children. It is our job to prepare them to handle life’s many challenges and become productive citizens. Children not only need to be prepared academically, but they also need to be prepared mentally and emotionally.”

Jamie’s presentation will begin at 7 pm, and the public is welcome to a potluck dinner that will precede her talk.
Visit Jamie's website to learn more.

Fight for $15 share their struggles of living on minimum
wage with Pax Christi Memphis

Both Mary Payne and Dunetra Merritt claim that their involvement with the movement to raise the minimum wage goes far beyond their own financial struggles.
“I’m standing on the front lines for my grandchildren,” said Dunetra, who as the 42-year-old mother of four and grandmother of two is forced to live with her daughter to survive on fast food worker wages.
Her feelings were echoed by Mary Payne, 76, who barely gets 25 hours of work per week at $8.25 per hour. She watches her own grandchildren work two jobs at minimum wage to get by.
Union organizer David Mott pointed out that it would take such workers 390 years to earn the amount that the CEO of KFC makes in one year.
“It’s not just a moral argument,” David said. “It’s a civil rights issue.”
It is also very much at the heart of Catholic Social Teaching as was pointed out in the discussion. A living wage was advocated as early as 1870.
Jayanni urged our members to contact legislators at every level of government to push for a living wage of $15 per hour. Some of our members stood with members of the movement just two days later when they demonstrated locally at a Day of Action protesting “McWages.”

Activist Jayanni Webster brought Dunetra Merritt, Mary Payne and David Mott to share stories from
the Fight for $15 Movement at the April Pax Christi gathering.

We mourn the loss of two peacemakers
For one to have their funeral officiated by a Presbyterian minister, a rabbi and an imam is a testament to a life of open mindedness and religious tolerance. Eunice Eleanor Breckenridge Niles Stetson Ordman was a member of Balmoral Presbyterian Church, but was also a member of Temple Israel and began attending Masjid As-Salaam, their local mosque, after 9/11. She was also a friend to us at Pax Christi Memphis.
Her death at age 91 comes after a life filled with travel and adventure, but also a lifetime of service, compassion and a love of people that stretched beyond the boundaries of race and religion. According to her husband Chip, Eunice understood the intricacies of the stock market, but was just as comfortable teaching physics or computer science.
Her death will leave a void in the local interfaith community, but we can always let the memory of Eunice serve as an example of what true commitment to peacemaking should be.
Read Commercial Appeal Columnist David Water's tribute to Eunice Ordman here.

The peacemaking community lost another friend on April 30 when Fr. Daniel Berrigan, S.J., a Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace and one of the most revered figures within the Catholic peace movement, passed away at age 94.
Pax Christi USA Executive Director Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN said of him, “Daniel Berrigan was a man faithful to the transformative values of living out the Gospel. Until his very
death, he modeled for all a spirituality of non-violence and peace-making. Pax Christi USA mourns the passing of Dan Berrigan, one of the most widely admired peacemakers of our time. His life and witness have inspired thousands to learn and embody the nonviolence at the heart of Jesus teachings.”
Read Daniel Berrigan's full obituary and more about his life here.
Eunice Ordman

Daniel Berrigan, SJ

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